Siddhant Sirpal


Mr. Sirpal is responsible for managing individual and aggregate position risk at the firm. He plays a crucial role in the idea generation process by identifying mispricing in the derivatives market to provide additional alpha to our fundamental and quantitatively-driven theses. Mr. Sirpal also structures positions using options to create a beneficial risk/reward profile, as well as to find relative value within sectors. Before joining Tuscan Ridge, Mr. Sirpal began his career in 2009 at Spot Trading, where he was Portfolio Manager. At Spot, Mr. Sirpal combined his expertise in fundamental analysis with his quantitative skillset to identify unique opportunities that generated sizable alpha for the firm. Mr. Sirpal covered many different sectors including: Energy, Industrials, Consumer, and Media/Telecom. In addition, he ran several strategies across these industries, including: relative value, event driven, and was responsible for a large derivatives portfolio. Mr. Sirpal’s returns were outsized, and consistently outperformed peers and competitors on both an absolute return and risk-adjusted return basis, as evidenced by his team being the top performer in the firm in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In addition to his active portfolio management duties, Mr. Sirpal was instrumental in developing new trading technologies for his firm which incorporated machine learning and automation to systematize the alpha-generation and execution process. Mr. Sirpal was also entrusted with the mentoring of incoming traders and taught classes covering key applications as well as trading strategy and analysis. 

Mr. Sirpal graduated from The University of Chicago in 2009, as a Booth Scholar.