Tuscan Ridge Asset Management is a recently launched hedge fund that is rapidly growing.
The fund employs an opportunistic, Event-driven strategy to achieve attractive, risk adjusted, non-correlated returns. The fund’s differentiated investment process, risk controls, and idea-generation technology allow it to approach a traditional strategy in a non-traditional way. We have produced outsized returns with low volatility and low correlation to equity markets over various investing regimes.

This unique investment process and risk management approach of constructing trades with asymmetric payoff profiles allows us to invest in under-valued high-growth stocks and industries to achieve outsized returns but with low volatility. 

We are seeking to identify an ambitious Volatility Arbitrage Trader who has experience in options as well as in both an established and startup hedge fund environment. Future partnership opportunity for the right individual.  


  • Candidate must understand Macroeconomics in order to apply macroeconomic analysis to geopolitical events and news items to parse effects on global markets
  • Candidate must be able to read and gather pertinent data from government and industry white papers on economic trends
  • Candidate must understand Microeconomic Theory (Supply/Demand/Utility/Efficiency Frontier curves) and apply to industries and companies to gauge market and consumer trends
  • Candidate must have experience or relevant coursework in Econometrics/application of statistical methods to economic data
  • Coursework or experience in Futures and Options Theory
  • Extensive knowledge of markets coupled 5+ years of experience as a trader with P&L and risk
  • Responsibilities across the equity, fixed income, commodities/energy asset classes.
  • Requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, or related quantitative field of study
  • Demonstrate an expert understanding of the mechanics of trading and price discovery as well as possess a keen understanding of various trading strategies including but not limited to: market-making, relative value arbitrage, volatility trading, and fundamental analysis and investing
  • Successful track record managing risk while generating and implementing profitable trading ideas within the futures, options, and/or equities space
  • Ability to independently research/execute trade ideas
  • Ability to work in a team environment; ability to communicate effectively across teams
  • Strong desire to be part of a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Extensive experience with Bloomberg Terminal, Excel, and Monte Carlo simulations are also required. 
  • Computer programming skills a plus



  • Candidate is expected to skim all relevant news programs, magazines, newspapers, white papers, analyst reports, and any other pertinent information sources to pull relevant and important economic and geopolitical data and provide a daily macroeconomic report to Portfolio Manager
  • Candidate must be able to apply Supply/Demand dynamics to supply chain in order to determine the Locus/Loci of Leverage
  • Provide important information regarding global financial market sentiment, trading volume, liquidity, and price volatility  
  • Compile, analyze, and report data to explain economic phenomena, and use econometric models and statistical techniques to forecast market trends 
  • Quickly gather information during times of market or individual industry/company stress and present findings using statistical and graphical techniques to confirm/prove thesis
  • Study corporate and industry impacts of new governmental economic policies, such as proposed legislation, taxes, regulations, fiscal spending, and political shifts
  • Work closely with the Portfolio Manager to develop and execute the trading strategies of the fund
  • Manage trading and position risk
  • Develop and maintain relationships with sales and trading representatives at securities dealers


Please submit application to lcook@tuscanridgeam.com